Job Coaching Videos

Part 101: How to prepare for an interview

Learn how to make the best first impression and prepare for your interview. Watch Jennifer Eig's video to get the best tips for making sure you have the edge to land the job.

Part 102: What to do for the in-person interview

Everything matters during your job interview—body language, words, prep time, and even what you do with your coat and purse. Before going to your next job interview watch this brief video with Jennifer Eig of Addition Management where she provides you tips on having a successful interview.

Part 103: Finding a job during the pandemic

Finding the perfect job can be challenging and even more difficult during a pandemic. Things like tapping into your current network, finding the right recruiting agencies, and using social media platforms like LinkedIn can be critical in a successful job search. Listen to Jennifer Eig as she provides some good tips on landing your next job.

Interview 104 - The Don'ts of Interviewing

If you're headed to a job interview you'll want to hear about these top tips on what NOT to do. You'll learn about body language, what employers don't want to hear, topics you should avoid talking about, why not to get emotional, and much more. Watch Jennifer Eig's video now so you can be prepared.

Interview 105 - ONLINE video Interviewing Tips

Tune in to Part 5 to hear what advice Coach Jen has to give around online video interviews. Some of the tips include testing out the technology, being earlier than your start time, ensuring your video is on and your mute button is off, choosing your background carefully, and minimizing distractions among other items.

Interview 106 - Tips on Interview Questions

Get ready for interview questions with Coach Jen Eig from Addition Management who gives us all a list about interview coaching, everything from the employee to the employers.

Interview 107 - How to write a resume workshop

Learn how to write a Resume! Put pen to paper and start building out a resume that is sure to get noticed and land you the job. Feel free to reach out for more assistance. ; 212-223-5420 ext. 101;